Vaitrix Digipedal Commander (free installation)

Get a better response from your throttle pedal and start enjoying your daily drives with this unique item from Vaitrix, the Engineers of Performance!

The price includes free installation (KL area).

Once item is purchased, a representative will call you to arrange for an installtion appointment or free shipment to you if you're outstation. Self-install is possible and there're YouTube video's to help you, though we recomend our specialist to do it for you.

RM 850.00
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The all new VAITRIX DIGIPEDAL COMMANDER allows you to completely fine tune your vehicle's throttle sensitivity on drive-by-wire systems, reducing throttle lag and sharpening acceleration. The newly designed circuitry further increases performance, reliability and complements other performance modifications.

VAITRIX has a rich history in meeting the demands of the aftermarket, by engineering and manufacturing unrivalled performance products, and the DIGIPEDAL COMMANDER is no exception!


  • Sport mode: suitable for mountain and street driving and racing on track.
  • STD mode: A signal relay that functions as a safety design and activates as an alternation of factory signal setting if the product goes wrong, as well as vehicle voltage display.
  • ECO mode: suitable for in city driving, the lower fuel consumption, the more economic a vehicle is.
  • SP+ mode: driving in a very sensitive throttle response for 10 seconds.
  • 4 modes - 22 steps: Sport mode 13 steps; STD mode 1 step; ECO 7 steps; SP+ 1 step.
  • OEM factory plug easy installation (Plug and Play).
  • User-friendly and individually adjustable.
  • Fixing up poor throttle response and throttle lag.
  • Working on Petrol, Diesel, LPG and Hybrid cars are applicable.
  • Working with factory cruise system.
  • Working on all +12v electronic throttle control systems vehicles.
  • Immobilizer mode sets up under STD mode, by pressing up button for around 5 seconds to set it up.
  • Memory in embedded for power outrages and system crashes.
  • User’s setting will not be deleted once the product is removed or vehicle’s battery is dead.

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