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motormodz.com – Driving Your Life..

"Do you know who can fix my car?”

“I need to change my tyres, which ones do you recommend?”

“My car broke down and I need to find this part, can you help me find it?”

These are some of the questions that the founders of motormodz get asked on a daily basis. motormodz.com is the first motoring media and shopping site to share the best of motoring ownership information with the whole community. It is the culmination of the passions of a group of motoring friends with different cars and lifestyles who believe that their experiences in owning and looking after their cars should be shared for the benefit of all. If there are great products and services to be had, you’ll find them here. If there are great workshops for repair and upgrades out there, we’ll list them here for you. In short, at motormodz we want to help you "Driving Your Life"!

One of the key drivers for us is to provide you with trusted advice and genuine products at affordable prices so you don't have to fall for any of the many fakes in the market or have a bad experience with a workshop out there. Our aim is to help you save time and endless hassles by getting you to the top workshops for a great customer experience, or the right products for the right price.

Our team:

Doc and John

Dr Ng Kee Aun & Sir John Madejski: Friends and co-founders of Motor Trader Malaysia which was sold to Proto Japan in 2011. Both are owners of current and future classic cars which in their opinion are more fun to drive and also don’t depreciate anymore! You’ll find them talking about the good old days most of the time…when driving a sporty car still required mastering the heel and toe technique! Although in all fairness, Doc's also very able with a PDK.. These days Doc is very much involved in the marketing and video productions of motormodz. For the latter, we got him the DJI Gimbal Osmo 2 and he's now quite a pro with that nifty tool (or should we say toy?), enjoying making video's including some on the story page in our website. Check them out!


Michael Philipse: Joined Doc and Sir John as a partner early on the motormodz adventure. Having been passionate about cars and speed his whole life, as well as keeping the lid on costs, Mike's cars were all obtained in later stages of depreciation. This means however that maintenance and care are very important. This valuable experience is what all of us at motormodz have gained over the past and want to make available to you so you don't have to go through the same hassles we struggled with! Besides working on the operations side in motormodz, Mike is often found driving on Sepang, sharpening his lap times, or on any winding roads enjoying beautiful Malaysia enroute to some good Roti Canai or a Fish Head Curry!


Emily Chow (#LotusLadyDriver): Malaysia’s hottest Lotus driver who loves nothing more than challenging the Sunday drivers in her beloved Elise S3. She has recently tasted the thrills of motor racing on track and has elaborated on that in an article on our site. Clearly, there will be more to follow as she seems to have been hooked and who can blame her! There's nothing like the adrenaline pumping through your veins when the lights go off at the start! We are graced by her extensive motoring background of 7 years with Hypertune, and 4 years with Top Gear Malaysia. With her vast network of contacts, Emily will find whatever we're looking for. So if there's anything you miss or need, please let us know and Emily will find it for you!


Sheik Irfan: Yes, we have a real Sheik in our team! He's the man looking after the site and making sure it all runs smoothly so what you see is what you get! Nothing get's listed on our website before it is vetted by him so your experience on our site will be optimal. In addition, Sheik Irfan is well known for his excellent Biryani, which his mother taught him how to cook. So if you need any advice in that field, he's also your man!

If you have any ideas/suggestions/comments about us, our products or our site, please contact us! You can do so through info@motormodz.com or txt via Whatsapp. We'll get back to you soonest.